Programming can be fun…

This is my attempt at a circuit and code to meet the requirements of the CTF3001 Fundamentals of Programming assignment.  I really enjoyed the challenge of making and coding this project and hopefully the students will too.  I particularly enjoyed the fairly open assignment brief which left room for creativity.  I also had more fun making a game than I did stacking boxes.


One response to “Programming can be fun…”

  1. Hi, Tim…
    Just watched[1] of your array’s vidz and found them newbie friendly I will recommend them to our team and hope they get it too? but for now I am actually looking forward to finishing compiling my script with the help of our team members and ending that loop.. I have purchased a ebay arduino uno and even thou it won’t be in our module for long I think it helps and motivates the user/student to carry on learning in c#.

    I have to just add a note that the tone library was helped massively ~ by using an array and saved a lot of experimental sketches in the making of the game, Thank u .. Simon says “good night”, :)

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