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Just a quick post about incompetence on a very small but very personal level.

It has just taken me three attempts to put the correct URLs in the correct places in a blog post. The problem? There were only two references to get in the right order and yet it still took three attempts.

This must be a similar level of ineptitude as when it takes me more than two attempts to put a USB connector (an A connector if you’re interested) the right way round in the socket.

How hard can it be?

It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

The Hazards of Multitasking

Have just upgraded WordPress on another website to the latest version. I didn’t pick the best time to do it as there was too much going on at home but was seduced by the prospect of an automatic upgrade.

Needless to say the automatic upgrade didn’t work (WordPress must have an in-built administrator stress detector) and I ended up carrying out my first WordPress upgrade manually.

Working through a small list of upgrade steps shouldn’t be a difficult task but in the chaos I missed one and broke the website. It’s fixed now but my headache is now a little worse :-).

Note to self: leave any remotely taxing computing tasks alone until everyone has gone to bed. Or at least anyone less than three feet tall.