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MegaTech and MiniTech (Part 1)

MegaTech and MiniTech

This is the first of three posts which introduce the conceptual framework, MegaTech and MiniTech, that has become a cornerstone of my PhD thesis.  The development of MegaTech and MiniTech grew from my research engagement with certain learning technologies and also from previous work experience gained supporting ICT in schools, with the latter influencing my reflections on the former.  Although, chronologically, MegaTech and MiniTech emerged last in the context of three posts there are good reasons to introduce it first.  One motivation is so that the discussion does not bog down in the specifics of two technologies (and there is an awful lot of scope for bogging down) which will be referred to here only as The Big Thing and The Smaller Thing.  But the more important motivation is to reflect on those technologies through the lens of MegaTech and MiniTech and so by necessity the lens needs to be made before it can be looked through. Continue reading