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Choose two charities not to help

I’ve just completed an online voting process.  As a bonus for bothering a 20p donation will be made to charity.

However, this is not the kind of decision I like to make…

Pick a charityA “Please don’t put me in a moral dilemma like this and pick one for me” button would be nice.  Or what if the donation was 21p and not 20p?  That way there could be a “split it three ways” button.


Just a quick post about incompetence on a very small but very personal level.

It has just taken me three attempts to put the correct URLs in the correct places in a blog post. The problem? There were only two references to get in the right order and yet it still took three attempts.

This must be a similar level of ineptitude as when it takes me more than two attempts to put a USB connector (an A connector if you’re interested) the right way round in the socket.

How hard can it be?

It vexes me. I’m terribly vexed.

When best-efforts collides with business-critical

Just a quick rant while I wait for Skype to (excruciatingly slowly) download.

Skype is acting up for me this afternoon.  After problems logging in and a subsequent application error I decided to reinstall it.  I should have checked the Skype status page first but that’s another matter (maybe the sign in screen could have flashed up that there are issues today?).

It isn’t just about Skype.  It’s the whole “Cloud” thing that bothers me.  The Internet is inherently a “best efforts” means of facilitating communication and yet I seem to see increasing attempts by hosted services to seduce businesses.  “Got a server? Ha ha ha! Money-wasting fools! You need MyMiracleCloudDoofer<tm>”.

So let’s say I have a business with hosted file storage, email, VoIP and whatever else.  Whatever the perceived benefits of not having the server(s) in-house it doesn’t look good if the Internet connection fails.  Suddenly the Internet has become a business-critical resource, even if I want to send an internal email to the next office or print off a standard document.

To quote the wisdom of Yoda: “shafted are you”.